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Sublimation Colour Swatch on Matte Acetate, Honeycomb Mesh, Brushed Spandex and Prolite Soft Polyester

Being successful with dye-sublimation printing is strenuous, however, its rewards are fruitful. The initial step that you have to take to be successful is identifying the best polyester fabric to use for your dye-sublimation business. In this instance you are given 4 white polyester fabrics namely, matte acetate polyester? honeycomb mesh polyester, brushed spandex polyester or prolite soft polyester, and must determine which one is the best for a sublimation transfer.

It is easy to transfer dye-sublimation images onto fabric that is man-made like polyester. This material is not only able to retain its chemical composition but is also unsusceptible to wrinkling and shrinking and even better it dries instantly and is very easy on the pocket.

The motivation behind this is simple, sublimation ink is water-based and converts into a gaseous state whenever heat and pressure are applied. This gas connects with the polyester particles, dying the particles in preparation for a design, without compromising the quality of the output.

Dye sublimation is a special printing procedure uniquely created for printing on polyester material. This art of printing is a very rewarding industry once you get the hang of it.

On today’s vlog we will show you the different colour outcomes that you can get by simply printing on different material of the same colour. A sublimation colour swatch test was performed on various white materials using AM’s FastCOLOUR Sublimation Large Format Printer and Heatware Sublimation Roll-to-Roll Heat Press.

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