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Surface Drive Rotary Engrave Glass Jar Tutorial Video on 6040 TruCUT Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

The modern rotary engraving system has the capability to mark on circular items such as drinking glasses or mugs as well as and rounded metal pieces for industrial purposes. These laser engraving machines have supplementary systems that can turn an item so that you can engrave right around on it, even when the surface is not level.

Rotary engravers are inexpensive and not costly to maintain. They do not require unique cleaning systems or recurring recharging. This machine helps you to laser engrave on circular glass in fine detail with so much ease using a rotary attachment.

Rotary attachments consist of two ends that are fitted in order to grip the item that will be engraved in a steady position as it rotates uninterruptedly throughout the engraving process. This piece of equipment was created specially to hold and rotate an item so that it doesn’t fall off when it is being engraved at a 360-degree angle.

Rotary engraving machines are able to engrave on distorted or bumpy material and easily create curvy edges. They can mark metals such as stainless steel at a high speed and do not need any assistance from chemical coating.

In today’s vlog our technician will show you how to setup your machine for a 360-degree engraving using AM’s 6040 TruCUT Desktop Laser Engraving Machine.

AM’s 6040 TruCUT Desktop Laser Engraving Machine
• Is easy to operate.
• Safely and effortlessly does 360-degree engraving.
• This machine does not require you to do any manual work, therefore there will be little to no engraving mistakes.
• Delivers high quality engraving at a high speed.
• Can be applied on all kinds of cylindrical objects.

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