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Rebrand T-Shirt by Apply Same Heat Press Design Overlay with a Mini Handheld Heat Press Machine

Whether it is discoloured, torn or covered in holes, it is never easy to get rid of your favourite t-shirt just like that especially if it is personalized in a way that expresses who we are.

If this is the case it is always better to recondition it instead of discarding it…

This is exactly what this other sport fanatic did with his collection of themed sports t-shirts. He approached Lanford Agencies to help revive and rebrand his t-shirts with the assistance of a mini heat press from AM.CO.ZA.

The mini heat press machine from Advanced Machinery is ideal for all types of heat transfer projects. Its tiny size makes it a great fit to use on miniature items that one cannot press with a regular sized heat press machine.

AM's ferris wheel shaped mini heat press makes use of a blend of strength, power, force and severe maximum weather conditions to make a mark or a design on material, including items such as T-shirts, socks, masks etc.

The process that goes into rebranding today’s T-shirt is as follows:
•Peel off any unwanted and damaged vinyl to ensure a flat and smooth surface.
•Use the FastCOLOUR large format printer to print your artwork.
•When the printing is done make use of a vinyl cutting machine to cut out your design and then proceed to weed it.
•Start off by putting your new art work on top of the old and impaired vinyl sticker. When you do this make sure that the new designer sticker is a bit bigger than the older one.
•Use AM’s mini heat press to make the sticker adhere to the t-shirt.
•When you’re done pressing wait for your t-shirt to cool down and then peel the backing paper off.
•Use a teflon sheet for the second press.
•Place the sheet on the new adhesive vinyl sticker that has already been adhered to the shirt.
•Run the heat press on it. This is done to ensure that the glue adheres properly.

AM.CO.ZA’s Ferris Wheel Shaped Mini Heat Press is:
oIs not heavy and can be easily carried.
oHas a built-in smart temperature controller.
oHas a fast and accurate temperature probe.
oIs an outstanding piece of machine that is inexpensive.
oHeats quickly and equally.
oIs user friendly.

The package deal includes:
•A ferris wheel shaped mini heat press;
•An enclosed base;
•An instructional manual.

Have a look at buythis.co.za/ to buy the new mini heat press machine online (buythis.co.za/machines). Prices are subject to change.

Dial 060 600 6000 for the sales team or visit our nearest warehouse based in Jet Park or Montague Gardens.

To get more information about this product and many other products log on to our website am.co.za.