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Difference Between Normal and Contour Cutting, Automatic and Manual (Semi-Automatic) Contour Cutting

Contour Cutting involves putting an outline around your artwork. The artwork is usually printed onto the material and not the outline. As soon as the artwork has been printed, the material is inserted into a vinyl cutter. From here the vinyl cutter can either scan the registration marks automatically or find each mark manually.

There are two types of contour cutting. Namely, Automatic Contour Cutting and Manual Contour Cutting.

The distinction resides in the operation of the machine, on how the registration mark is located.

For the automatic vinyl contour cutting process:

An instruction is sent to the vinyl cutter to perform a contour cut, and then the machine will instinctively start looking for the registration marks. As soon as it discovers the initial mark, it will progress onto the second and so on targeting each and every mark. What makes this an automatic process is that the machine is not moved to the points by the operator but rather operates automatically.


For the manual contour cutting process:

An operator is needed to move the machine to each registration mark. As soon as the contour cutting starts the operator is required to manually locomote the machine to the central part of the registration mark making use of the computer's keyboard. Immediately after the laser is put in order, towards the center of the first mark, the user will have to move to the second, then the third right until all points are struck. As soon as this is complete, the machine will have knowledge off where the image is based and off that information will be all set to make a contour cut.

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