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Difference Between 30 45 60 Degree Vinyl Cutting Blades and Vinyl Blades for Vinyl Cutters Guide

AM keeps stock of a number of vinyl cutter blades which you can choose from, each blade has its own distinguishable benefit, this is dependent on what you are making.

Trying to locate blades for your vinyl cutter may require the use of a specialized language that may frighten you a bit especially if you are a beginner. But worry not because as soon as you get a grip on these terms you will be all set to start your cutting business.

The degree of your blade is very imperative due to the fact that it dictates how the blade will go about cutting.

Advanced Machinery offers 4 different types of angle blades, namely:

1) 30 degree blade
[ ] Extremely sharp
[ ] This blade is used to cut thick material.
[ ] It easily penetrates the material.
[ ] It cuts soft material that is 2 mm thick such as flock.
[ ] Is suitable for smaller and more precise work such as intricate details, complex designs and small letters.

2) 60 degree blade
[ ] Less sharp
[ ] This blade is great for cutting through reflective vinyl and sandblasting vinyl.

3) 45 degree blade

AM keeps stock of two types of 45 degree Roland compatible blades.

1) 45 degree standard blade
[ ] Cuts 1.4 mm thickness
2) 45 degree easy turn blade
[ ] Cuts 1 mm thickness
-These blades are perfect for daily use.
-They penetrate material quickly.
-They turn easily.

A wide variety of blades and blade holders are available AM for V-Series, V-Smart and V-Auto vinyl cutters.

Check out buythis.co.za/ to buy the blades and blade holders online (buythis.co.za/consumables). Prices are subject to change.

Call the sales team on 060 600 6000.

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