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When to Replace and How-to Replace Cutting Strip on V-Series, V-Smart and V-Auto Vinyl Cutters

The purpose of the vinyl cutting strip is to protect the blade from any impairment during the cutting process.

A vinyl cutting strip is a distinctive part of the platen that holds up the media in the area underneath the cutting head. It is strong enough to support media with a hard, flat surface and also delicate enough to put a stop to any damage intended for the blade tip.

When the cutter is not maintained let alone replaced, the cutter will be unable to make straight, steady and crispy clean cuts. The edges created by the cutter may be uneven.

In order to resolve this problem, you would have to get to the underlying issue at hand which is in this case the vinyl that can be found under the blade also known as a damaged cutter protection strip

This video by Advanced Machinery gives you a detailed guide on how to replace a vinyl cutting strip.

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