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Roller Sublimation Heat Press Step by Step Assemble Guide, Work Table, Tension Rollers and Feeders

If you are looking to print on fabrics then a roll to roll sublimation heat press machine is vital.

This apparatus is a suitable option for the transmission of a design onto a sizeable piece of material.

How to assemble Advanced Machinery’s Roller Sublimation Press, Step by Step:

• The main unit arrives pre-assembled.
• It comes with lockable wheels for effortless maneuvering.
• At this stage all you have to do is assemble the frames and rollers.
• The stand frame lies in front of the main unit.
• The bed frame attaches both frames to the main unit.
• Start off by inserting the frames in place.
• Make use of the screws and nuts supplied to bolt it together.
• The side where the screws are equipped must consist of a big washer.
• The side where the nuts are equipped must consist of a lock washer.
• To guarantees steadiness hand tighten the frames in the meanwhile.
• Fix and tighten the stabilizing brackets on the front frame at both ends.
• Once more hand tighten everything.
• Fit together the roller holder side panels on the centre section of the machine.
• Detach the nuts and bolts fitted first and then go ahead join up the handles mechanism roller holder side panel.
• Have one individual build the frame and another to hold the frame in place.
• Next, fit the roller stopper side panel on the other side.
• Have one individual hold it in place and another to secure it into the frame.
• At the present moment, insert the rollers.
• Begin with detaching the plastic protection caps on the lock bearings.
• Detach the protective masking tape on the ends of the double roller unit and then follow up with the insertion of the tape.
• See to it that the raised flat pin is fitted into the square shaped lock bearing.
• The handle should be positioned onto the main units turn wheels.
• Fasten into place the thin guide rollers at the top and bottom of the frame.
• Finally, loosen the material feeding roller bracket holder on each end to pave way for the material feeding roller.
• Close the bracket after you have positioned the roller into place.
• Play around and experiment with the slider action on the material stopper unit.

This is how you put together your sublimation heat press from Advanced Machinery.

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