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#SortIT Difference Between Heat Press Combo Extended Version and Standard, How Cap Press Works

Differences between the Standard MT5 Heat Press and Extended MT5 E Heat Press

The only difference is the size of the pressing area.

The Standard MT5 Heat Press has a pressing area of 29 cm x 38 cm.

The Extended MT5 E Heat Press has a pressing area of 38 cm x 38 cm.

Attachments for the MT5 are compatible with the new MT5 E.

How to connect the cap press
• Disconnect the cable.
• Unloosen the connection screws.
• Remove the panel and the mat.
• Remove the base plate screws.
• Remove the heat press panel.
• Attach the base of the cap press and then secure it.

For the Standard MT5 cap press use the middle screw holes.

Turn the suspension pad unit 180 degrees to the back so that it faces towards the back.

That will allow the top of the cap press to go a bit further back to compensate for the extended arm.

Line it up with holes in the handle connector unit.

For the Extended MT5 E cap press make use of the outer screw holes.

If you don’t align the MT5 E model. You will end up with a misalignment between the top and the bottom of the cap press unit.

Plug the cable into the main unit and then press.

Attachments that are used for the MT5 are also compatible for the MT5 E.

A brief tutorial on how to press heat transfer vinyl onto a cap with a cap press.

• Firstly, prepare a design of your choice.
• Then take a good quality heat transfer vinyl and insert it into the vinyl cutter.
• Next cut the artwork with the vinyl cutter.
• Then weed the transfer vinyl carefully.

• Set the temperature and the timer of the cap press.
• When the cap press reaches the correct temperature, place the cap in the heat press and stretch it over the curved mould.
• After this place the artwork in position and cover it with a Teflon sheet to shield the transfer vinyl.
• Press the cap.
• Cold peel the backing paper from the cap.
• Next set the timer.
• Then finally repress the cap for a few more seconds to make sure the heat transfer vinyl’s glue is properly activated.

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