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#SortIT Setup ScreenMaster Six Station Carousel Screen Printing Machine Step by Step Guide

How to put together the 6 panel ScreenMaster Screen Printer

The six station ScreenMaster screen printer consists of the following support structure and accessories:

-First rotary station and accessories and the arms and accessories.

-Second rotary station and accessories and the arms and accessories.

-Make use of the 2 average-sized panels to make a cross and place a cross section on top of it.

-Make use of the nuts and bolts provided to secure the average-sized panel into place.

-At this point all parts should be tightened by hand at first ensuring that the installation process is flexible.

-Connect 4 of the longer panels to the cross section.

-Two holes in the front face of the panel should face upwards. Utilize the lined holes in the middle to connect the screw to the cross section.

-Connect the feet to the legs.

-Use eight nuts and eight bolts for each panel to make certain that there is absolute stability.

-At this point the installation of the support structure is concluded.

-Subsequent to the installation of the support structure, place the 1st rotary station unit on top of the support structure.

-Make use of the nuts and bolts provided for this step to tighten in place sets of 2 nuts and bolts in each leg.

-Connect the arms to the first rotary station unit.

-Arrange the holes in line of 6 groups of 3. One for each arm and the other side of the panel has to face downwards onto the rotary station unit.

-Tighten all 6 arms with the nuts and bolts afforded.

-Connect a stopper unit on each arm. Have the wheel face the centre of the machine and the nuts facing away. Do this for all 6 arms.

-Proceed to install the 2nd rotary station unit.

-Connect all 12 tension springs.

-Begin by removing the tension screw from its bracket. Get on with hooking one of the springs onto the spring bracket on the rotary unit and when you are done with that hook the other side onto the tension screw. Put the screw back into its bracket and then tighten it. Do this for all twelve springs.

-Connect the panel brackets.

-Make use of the screw and nuts made available for all 6 arms.

-Connect the arm support bracket.

-Each arm is backed from underneath with a support bracket that fits to the number 1 rotary station unit.

-Connect the panel support bracket.

-Each panel arm also gets a support bracket which is tightened by hand onto the ends of the arm.

-This is where the wooden panels are fastened onto this bracket (or secured into place)

-Now fix all the nuts securely with a spanner.

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