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#SortIT V-Series Vinyl Cutter Left Error Explained, How Origin Setting and Cutting Size Works

The “Left Error” occurs on the V-Series Vinyl Cutter frequently and can be corrected effortlessly.

To illustrate this, begin with pressing the reset button and then press the pause button.

Now completely move the carriage to the right side and then press the “origin” button.

Next, press pause and move carriage back.

At the moment the carriage gets back to the point of origin.

This vinyl cutter is 1350mm long.

Amend the vinyl cutter’s width by making it longer than 1350mm.

The carriage moves but then gets stuck on the left end thereby resulting in a ‘left error”.

This indicates that you cannot process work that exceeds the machine’s width.

Modify the size of the width to a figure smaller than 1350mm.

The same rules apply with the size of the mat.

You will see that it works appropriately.

Carry out another test. This time keep the width size constant and direct the point of origin on the middle section.

Upon observation you will realize that the “Left Error” takes place yet again.

The reason for this is due to the fact that the machine calculates the width i.e.1300mm from the origin reference point to the left side. This makes the value bigger than the maximum machine’s width.

How to rectify or avoid the “The Left Error”:

-Press the “Reset” button

-Press “Pause”

-Move carriage to the right end

-Now press “Origin”. This gives the machine a point of reference.

-At this point the vinyl cutter has the ability to handle the outputs of the maximum width allowed.

-Retain the width within machine specifications at all times.

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