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#SortIT, How-to Convert Printer to a Different Ink Type (Demo on ECO-Solvent to Sublimation Ink Conversion)

Step 1: Remove the head cover

Place tissue paper around the head to prevent any spillage onto the data cables to prevent electrical damage.

Step 2: Disconnect ink tubes from ink tanks
To stop any flow of ink from going back towards the head.

Step 3: Remove the dampers

Drain the tubes out with a syringe and then dispose it off into an empty container.

Step 4: Remove the filters on the tubes from the tank side and then tie a knot in the tubes to prevent spillage as you pull them through the machine towards the head.

Step 5: Remove the clamps holding the tubes and then start pulling the tubes through the machine towards the head. Discard all tubes and dampeners. Clean head where dampers were removed. The old ink can be re-used in another printer.

Step 6: Feed the new tubes through the machine in reverse order. From the side of the head toward the tanks. Leave extra tube length on either side.

Step 7: Tighten everything back into place.

Step 8: Feed the tubes through the tanks and fit new tanks into place.

Step 9: Attach new filters to the tubes and then fit them in place onto the tanks.

Step 10: Attach new dampers to the tube separate the tubes.

Step 11: Fill the tanks with new ink type. In this case- Sublimation Ink.

Step 12: Pull the ink through the machine from the tanks to the dampers and re-install the dampers.

Step 13: Do a manual flush of the printhead and then clean it. Then finally you can do a print test.

We would recommend that you book one of our technicians to do the conversion for you.

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