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#SortIT, How to Use VinylCut Software for Contour Cutting on V-Smart and V-Smart Plus Vinyl Cutters

Creating artwork to be cut on the V-Smart Semi-Automatic Vinyl Cutter

When you design craft that needs to be cut using a vinyl cutter, this is what you should do:

Choose the V-Smart V3-1310 model under cutting settings.

Set the “shadow layer” to zero (Size in mm).

Select “print and cut outline”, then press “okay”.

Right click on “design and select all”.

Click the “preview” button.

Under preview options- Select “Show printable”.

Now export the file, to your desired location.
Under Export Options.

Select “show registration marks” and then press “OK”.

Preview your artwork.

There you go, It is now ready for print.

The design is then printed on the FastCOLOUR large format printer with UV Ink on a glossy vinyl.

Shape of the Registration marks has a dot in the middle- for semi-automatic vinyl cutting.

Once the design is printed, the cutting starts with great precision.

Cutting on the V-Smart Semi-Automatic Vinyl Cutter

Set the blade pressure

Align Registration marks manually

Start with the top left registration mark

Use direct arrows on keyboard

To manually align the laser eye onto the central dot

Then repeat for the top right registration mark and for the bottom right registration mark

Once that is done then the cutting starts with great precision

Cutting on the V-Smart Plus Fully Automatic Vinyl Cutter

Select V-Smart +V3 – 1360 model.

The rest of the set-up is the same as that of the v-smart semi-automatic cutter.

Registration marks are different, there is no central dot here.

Move blade close to the bottom right registration mark

Now start cutting and the laser eye of the machine automatically maps and starts the cutting procedure with exceptional precision.

Stickers printed on FastCOLOUR large format printer with UV Ink

Due to the fact that these stickers will be on the floor, and clients will walk on them. It is advisable to use UV Ink to print the stickers because it has longer lasting properties

Printing on label paper using a normal office printer

You can also use label paper to achieve the same results.

This design can also be printed with an office printer.

Use AM’s re-usable cutting mat to keep the paper still.

Artwork can also be saved onto a USB drive and be connected directly to the vinyl cutter.

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Happy Printing and Cutting!