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#SortIT, Sublimation and Heat Transfer Paper Temperature and Press Time Guideline for All Fabrics

Let’s get into the basics of Heat Transfer Paper

So, what is heat transfer paper exactly? Heat transfer paper is a speciality paper that transfers printed designs onto shirts and other garments when heat is applied. The process involves printing a design onto a sheet of heat transfer paper using an inkjet or laser printer. Then, you place the printed sheet on your T-shirt and press it utilizing a heat press. Once pressing is finished, peel paper off slowly. You will see that your image will stick nicely onto the fabric.

How about Sublimation ink?

When heated, Sublimation ink converts from a solid to a gas embedding itself into the polyester fabric. It goes back to a solid after it has cooled down and permanently sticks onto the fabric.

Sublimation works on a variety of materials and surfaces such as polyester fabrics, poly-coating surface. You can also use sublimation to customize coasters, jewelry, mugs, puzzles and so much more.

The different kinds of Sublimation and Heat Transfer Paper that are sold at AM.CO.ZA.

-Heatware 100g Sublimation Paper for hard surface and polyester fabric.
-Heatware Sublimation Paper for all fabric, light cotton fabric (-95%) Laser/Inkjet.
-Heatware Heat Transfer Paper for dark fabric and cotton.

-All three (3) are available in A4 and A3 sizes.

-They are well suited for printing on an inkjet printer.
-The Heatware 100g Sublimation paper for hard surfaces and poly-fabric

-Is perfect for sublimation printing on white polyester fabric.

-Best time and temperature settings: 200 degrees/90 seconds.

-The Heatware Sublimation paper for light cotton yields the best results on white cotton.

-Best time and temperature settings :180 degrees/30 seconds.

-Peel the paper off whilst it’s still hot.

-The Heatware heat transfer paper for dark fabrics boasts fantastic results on black or dark cotton fabric.

-Best time and temperature settings: 180 degrees/15 seconds.

-Let the paper cool down before peeling it off.

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