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#SortIT How to Setup Hybrid Printer Extension Table with Fluent Roller Tracks for UV Flatbed Printing

Advanced Machinery has put together a detailed step by step DIY video that shows the client how to assemble the UV Flatbed Extension Table at home or at the office.

The Extension Table comes in 5 different compartments, namely:
-Aluminium arms
-Corner units
-Fluent Roller tracks
-Roller Track clips
-Adjustable feet

Step 1: Place 4 arms in a rectangular shape on the floor.

Step 2: Combine the Aluminium arms at each corner by screwing the corner units into each arm one by one. Utilize the Allen key in the package to fasten them. Not too tight to start with. Once you have formed the rectangle with the forearms, screw the feet in into the corner units

Step 3: Repeat this process to form another rectangle. Join 4 aluminium arms vertically at each corner on one of the rectangles.

Step 4: Utilize two corner units for each to secure them together. As soon as you have done all 4 corners use your hands to join the 2 rectangles so that it becomes one unit. Now fasten it together by using 3 corner units by each end. At the top and at the bottom.

Step 5: Fasten everything tightly and then add the fluent roller tracks with the clips provided. Pop a clip on, slide the roller into the clip. Move to the other side. Slip the track onto the clip and pop the clip onto the aluminium arm. You are free to add as many tracks as you like up to 7 depending on your work type. Use the nut at the feet unit to adjust the table up or down.

Final Step: Your extension table is now ready for use.