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Overlapping vector engravement design using the TruCUT Laser Cutting Machine- Explained and Tested

Vector engraving is a procedure of labelling or scoring a material top. The file that will be printed consists of vectors that is, lines and curves of a geometry. These are marked as hairlines in the graphics.

The procedure involves the laser beam following the path of vector strokes without cutting all the way through. The CNC controller passes a series of linear X-axis and Y-axis locations and directions for the laser to position based on the computer-generated image.

The laser follows the computer instructions to continuously and more smoothly engrave the workpiece.

In vector engraving, the axles move at the same time. The width of the stroke is made at the kerf of the laser that is approximately 0.2mm in length. In order to engrave thicker strokes can be achieved with the usage of the raster engraving method.

Vector engraving is commonly utilized when working with flat surfaces. It is smoother and more rapidly than the engravement process.

In this video, Lanford Agencies does vector engraving on SupaWood using the CO2 laser cutter from Advanced Machinery. They utilised the overlapped design in order to test and prove their theory. It was discovered that with wherever you have an overlapping vector, the middle piece that joins the X-axis and Y-axis will not be engraved causing a shade different to the one that’s engraved.

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