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#SortIT, How LED-UV Ink works and why and how UV Ink is cured instantly with better printing quality.

The LED-UV Ink comprises of the 4 following components:


This is a molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer thus serving as a building block of the ink.


This is a compound that undergoes a photoreaction on absorption of light. In this instance ink is cured at a specific wavelength of UV light and this is easily attained by the usage of LED-UV lamps.


Comprises of reactive resins and adhesive components for printing on a wide variety of materials.

Colour pigments

The pigments give the ink it’s colour.

Because of the nature of this nature of the UV Ink it is of great importance that is not exposed to light at any stage of the inking system other then when it initially makes contact with a substrate.

For this reason the ink bottles are black.

The ink tanks and the delivery tubes are also black.

Which is why our new hybrid FastCOLOUR ONE large format printer comes standard with these features so that it can be used as a fully functional UV printer.

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