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#SortIT, How to Measure Co2 Laser Focus Lens Focal Length and Diameter for Better Cutting

A Laser is a device that emits a beam of light. When a laser shoots out of a laser tube, it has an initial beam spot diameter. When the distance increases so does the diameter of the spot which is measured by the beams diversions angle. Lenses have to be used to concentrate the laser power that will reach the material.

Distinct lenses have a variety of focal lengths and depths of field that are used for cutting. A lens assists the laser stay in focus so that it gains higher power on the focus point thereby cutting the material. The shorter the focal length, the shorter the depth of field will be. The cutting thickness will be less effective. Contrarily when the lens focal length is long, the focused point will be far off. Less energy will be intensified but the effective cutting depth will be long. The cutting thickness will be greater.

Lenses have two parameters which are known as a diameter and focal length. Subject to the variation of your working projects, you will need a range of choices of both the diameter and the focal length.

Here is a young demonstration on how you will go about removing the lens:

In order to measure the diameter, you can simply use a ruler or Vernier callipe. The common Diameters are: 15, 18, 19, 20, 25 mm. You only have to get a reading closest to the above measurements due to the tolerance factor of both the lenses and the equipment.

Measuring the focal length is such a complex process. Use a torch light from above. Place the lens between the torch light and the table, next to the ruler.

Now move the lens up and down until the spot of light is best focused. The reading on your ruler is the focal length.

Use the closest readings to: 38.1, 50.8, 63.5 or 101.6 mm.

Once you have the diameter and the focal length you can contact our Sales Team on 060 600 6000/ 072 222 2211 for purchase or bring in your lenses to us even if they are cracked so that we can get those parameters for you.