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#SortIT, How UV Printer Works, How LED-UV Lamp Instant Dry UV-Curable Ink for Better Printing Quality

AM.CO.ZA has put together a video for you at home to give you an idea of how the UV Printer works and how the LED-UV Lamps give Instant drying. UV Printing is a type of digital printing that utilizes ultra violet lights to dry up the ink as it prints. In the process that the UV printer apportions ink on the outside part or uppermost layer of material used to print on has specialized UV lights that follow directly after. These lights cure or dry the ink at once.

There are a variety of ways to go about producing the UV light. Advanced Machinery utilizes the most recent LED-UV lights that are able to withstand wear and pressure and consume less energy. These UV lights used dry up the ink instantly, splatters of ink that is still drenched are unable to spread out once printed. This yields exceptional printing detail/design.

Furthermore, the ink that has dried up is now waterproof and will eventually not grow faint and disappear easily. Only 1 LED UV lamp is fitted into Single printhead printers. This in turn helps lower the cost of the machinery. With only 1 LED UV lamp alone the ink will dry up exceptionally in 1 print cycle and the results are just remarkable. You can always optionally add another LED UV Lamp to the Printhead. This will heighten the print quality and design 10 times better. The choice lies with you.

Features of the FastCOLOUR UV Large Format Printer:
*1 or 2 LED – UV Lamps for Single/Double Printhead
*Boasts a Printing Area, 1600mm wide
*CMYK Bulk Ink System
*Roll to Roll, or Flatbed UV Printing
*Bi- Directional Printing
*SAI PhotoPRINT Rip Software
*You can print on a variety of materials such as Vinyl, ABS, Perspex, Correx, PVC, Supawood, etc.
*And any material 5mm thick.

Hurry up and get yourself the FastCOLOUR ONE UV Printer which is one of the cheapest UV Large Format Printer on the Market by far.

We also stock the various Inks and Spares for your machine.

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