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#SortIT, T-Shirt Printing Tutorial, Print Heat Press Vinyl with ECO-Solvent Ink for Full Colour T-Shirt Design

-This video shows you the step by step process that goes into designing a T-shirt using the Heatware Heat Press machine with ECO-Solvent Ink.

-When it comes to T-Shirt Printing ensure that the T-Shirt that you’re going to print on is a 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester or 100% Poly-Cotton Blend. It has to come from a reputable supplier.

-In the design stage you can use any program that you have available on your PC whether it be Coral Design or Photoshop.

-Design your image output or decorative pattern for the item that you’re printing on. For a white or black T-Shirt ensure that you have no background this will in turn have your colours blend in beautifully and pop.

-What follows the Design phase is the Print phase.

-Here you will take the Vinyl and put into the printer and then print it out.

Types of Vinyl to use are:

• Make sure that you use a stretchable ECO Solvent friendly Vinyl for a polyester shirt which stretches.
• A Standard Vinyl is suitable for a T-Shirt that doesn’t stretch such as Cotton.

-When doing mass production it is advisable to print in full colour when printing on T-shirts. This helps save you a lot of time plus the weeding process is made easier. You won’t be required to cut multiple layers of vinyl and then apply them one by one. That would take up too much of your time.

-Full colour printing is much cost effective due to the fact that you would be able to attain all of the colours that would be needed for the person’s logo rather than doing it in a single colour that you might not even have.

-Whilst you leave your T-Shirt to dry for a few minutes you can move onto the Cutting stage. It is best to use a 45 Degree blade to cut out this type of T-Shirt.

-A Single cut Vinyl will only allow you to cut one colour at a time. It’s always better to print multiple designs on one piece of Vinyl and then cut them out.

-It is always better to decrease your cutting speed in order to achieve finer cutting.

-Ensure that you maximize all of your Production Output on the Vinyl.

-Also take note that it is cost-effective to lay things out next to each other.

-Once you have cut your design out what will follow next is Weeding.

-The Weeding process is the easiest especially when it comes to processing Full Colour versus Layered Single Coloured Vinyl.

-The Full Colour Printable Vinyl is not only used for T-Shirts it can also be used for multiple items such as Caps, Beanies, Socks, Mousepads and any other items that you can sublimate on.

-This process is a substitute for Embroidery.

-It is more Cost Effective and no Set Up fee is required.

-You would just have to put your design in the printer, cut it out and then apply it onto the required surface or garment.

-Once you have Cut out and Weeded your design now you can move to the application stage.

-Apply the backing to move to printing on the T-Shirt.

-Once you have applied the adhesive back with the Vinyl onto it. You can now safely press it.

-Best Settings to use is 7 seconds at 155 degrees for the Vinyl used in the video.

-Settings may differ depending on vinyl used.
Well there you have it your very own colourful printed Tee.

To purchase a Heat Press machine and ECO Solvent Ink from AM, simply dial 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 or you can simply log onto our site am.co.za/ for more product information.