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#SortIT, How-to Assemble Four-Colour Four-Station Silkscreen Printing Machine, Step by Step Installation Guide

The video above will give you a step by step guide on how to assemble the Four Colour Four Station Silkscreen Printing Machine.

Here's how to:

- Start with the 4 tripod legs.
- Screw the feet on the legs with the screws provided.
- At first only hand tighten all the parts.
- Now assemble the cross section with its connector plate.
- Bolt the legs onto the cross section.
- Fit the turntable to the tripod.
- Hand tighten only the bottom screws to start with.
- Now you can tighten all the parts with a spanner.
- Fit the Collets to the centre of the arms.
- Fit the 8 springs provided.
- Next the frame and station grips must be bolted in place.
- The panel plates for printing station are consumables.
- You may need to change them from time by time.
- The adjustment screw is simply screwed in
- Tighten all parts with a spanner
- The screen frame is only used for demonstration purposes.

What is a Screen Printing Machine?

A screen printing machine refers to a device that you can use to transfer characters, graphics, or logos of your choice onto to T-shirts, Mouse pads, Placemats, Coasters, Hats, Ceramic tiles, ID badges and so much more.
The screen printing process is also known as silk screening.

It’s important to note that screen printers are the perfect machines for use if you’re working on large customer orders or larger designs.
Items printed using a screen printer not only wash exceptionally well but also maintain its quality over extended periods.

If you would like to set up a T-Shirt business investing in a Four Colour Four Station Silkscreen Printing Machine. This machine enables you to produce lovely, eye-grabbing t-shirt imprints that your clients will love.
Thankfully, the market has a ton of these machines available for you.

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