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#SortIT, When to Change Grit Roller and How to Replace Steel Grit Roller for V-Smart and V-Auto Vinyl Cutters

AM.CO.ZA brings to you a video on how to or when to go about replacing a steel grit roller for V-Smart and V-Auto Vinyl Cutters.

Sku V3- GRIT Rollers last for 3 years on average. If the grit rollers become slippery or it happens that the glue from the Vinyl sticks onto the grit then it is time for the grit roller to be replaced.

Here is how you can go about doing it:

-Start by removing both side panels;
-Unclip the connection cables;
-Loosen the screws on base plate into place;
-Remove the data cable and the base plate;
-Unscrew one side of all the clamps;
-Remove the grit rollers;
-Replace the grit roller;
-Now tighten all components back in place.

There you go. It’s that simple.

What is a Vinyl Cutter?

A Vinyl Cutter is a computer-controlled cutting machine with a sharp blade. The computer controls the movement of a sharp blade. This blade is actually used to cut out shapes and letters from sheets of vinyl.

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