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Use Heatware Heat Press to Create Corporate Branded Customized Cooler Bag with Vinyl material

Powerful Corporate Branding without a doubt interprets a business’s personality. The identity of the Brand shows the market the types of employees that work there,the look and feel of products, product packaging and physical store characteristics. These characteristics allow customers to identify and relate to a company with ease. Customers are able to emotionally attach themselves to a company with which they can relate. This yields high customer loyalty and an increase in profits.

Step by Step guide on how to create a Customized Cooler Bag:

• Prepare the surface that you will be working on.

• Customize your own pad to size with heating pad material.

• Secure the designing place with Heat Resistance Thermal Tape.

• Next, Counterbalance the Cooler bag with a strip of heating pad at the back.

• This way you will get an even press.

• Place Teflon on the bag.

• Now get ready to adjust the temperature thus the pressure and then start the press procedure.

• For Vinyl set temperature at 155 degree Celsius and Timer at 70 seconds.

• When using hot peel, remove print immediately.

• When using cold peel, wait for print to cool down first.

• Once the print is removed.

• Press print again, same temperature and timing settings.

• If glue has not sealed in certain places press it again until desired results are achieved.

• Then you will have your custom design cooler bag.

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