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Heatware 9-in-1 Combo Heat Press Function Explained, Mini Series Part 1 Top Part, T-Shirt Press, Plate Press

This is the heatware multi function heat press from am.co.za, The full package has amazing 9 functions.
In this mini series, we have 3 videos that talk about these functions and how to attach them to the machine.

In this first video we talk about the functions by replacement of the top part.
The second video deals with the functions by replacement of the bottom part,
And the third video deals with cup and mug attachments.
You can find all 3 videos on youtube by searching for achievement matters videos.

Here is the default setup. The t-shirt press, with the heating element on top and supporting flat surface at the bottom.
You can swing the top heating element away, and place T shirt here for press. The press is achieved by the press the handle, and the top crank wheel is to adjust pressure.

But how do you remove this top heating element if you want to use other functions?
Step 1: Allow the element to cool down completely. It gets very hot during operation.
Step 2: disconnect this cable for power and heat sensor.
Step 3: Between these springs that are used for pressure balance there are 2 screws.
Loosen them without removing them altogether.
Now slide the heating element off slowly.

Once heating element has been removed, you are left with the very basic form of am.co.za heatware multifunction heat press.
Let's see what we can attach on top for other functions.

Here are two. The plate press, also called the dish press. One for small plates and one for big plates.
Slot the bolts in and fasten. Connect this cable for power and heat sensor- and the small plate heat press attachment is now installed.
Place a plate here, with or without those cousins, and press, like this. The bigger plate press works in exactly the same way.
Loose the bolts and change. Plug the power cable in and you are ready to use your big plate press.
If you want to press the bottom of the plate, you can, but just remember - always choose the press size just big enough to cover your prints.
This will concentrate the heat better.

The plate press has yet another function.
Lets say you wanted to press onto a tray with a flat surface - well, you cannot press onto the center using a normal flat press.
But with the plate press can also work with any tray shaped object with a flat surface in the center.

Here is another attachment that is used for hats, caps and Beanies with a curve. To use this attachment, you are required to change both top heating element and the bottom support structure.
Lets change the top part by the same way loose the screw and take the current attachment off, then slid the hat press in and fasten.
The bottom part also needs to be changed to match the curved surface.

Catch all the details in the next video of our 3 part mini series on our youtube channe. Don't forget subscribe.

We sell this heat press combo, as well as all individual attachments.

Please call our sales on 060 600 6000 or visit heatware.co.za for more information.

Thank you for watching.