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Heatware 9-in-1 Combo Heat Press Function Explained, Mini Series Part 3 Cup and Mug Press Functions

This is the heatware multi function heat press from am.co.za, The full package has amazing 9 functions.
In this mini series, we have 3 videos that talk about these functions This is the third and last video of the series, which talks about mug and cup heat pressing.

The procedure for mug and cup heat pressing is not the same as the other attachments that require you the replace either the top part of heating element, or the bottom part of supporting structure, or both.
For mugs and cups, a separate stand is provided.

This is the lock stand, the handle of which is used to enlarge and shrink the center area in which the cup or mug will be place.

We have two heat element types for cylinder shaped cups and mugs. One for smaller cups and one for bigger cups.
Measure which is the most firm and that best fits your cup by hand, before inserting it into the lock stand.

Now place the heat element in between the curved area of the lock stand.
If the cup has a handle, locate it between the gap of the heating element.
Plug the cable into the main control unit.
This wheel, is to adjust how far or short the shank stick out, to increase or decrease the press pressure.

In the case of the cone shaped press heating elements, after you place it into the lock stand, you need to tighten it onto the lock stand by placing these holes under the screws.
This is to avoid it from slipping when pressing, because unlike cylinder shaped objects, cone shaped objects are more likely to pop out.

So there you have it. Now you know how to use the lock stand for all kinds of cup and mug pressing.

For the main unit that presses on flat surfaces, for the plate press, hat press and shoe press, please check our other two videos in this series on youtube by search for achievement matters videos.

All our attachments for different functions, including the lock stand, are stored as spare parts and can be purchased individually as well.
At am.co.za, we not only store large amounts of heat presses, also we store plenty of spare parts like those attachments, control units, and mechanical parts.

Please call our sales on 060 600 600 and ask for the heatware multi function heat press combo.

Visit heatware.co.za for more information about our heat press and am.co.za for other machines we sell as well.

Thank you for watching.