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#SortIT, How to Correctly Load and Remove Rolled Vinyl on AM.CO.ZA V-Series, V-Smart and V-Auto Vinyl Cutters

Model: All Vinyl Cutters
Year Model: All
Topic: How to Correctly Load and Remove Rolled Vinyl on V-Series, V-Smart and V-Auto Vinyl Cutters
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It's common to load a full roll of vinyl on vinyl cutter for the cutting. When loading the roll it is best to place as close to the center as possible to ensure even weight distribution.

For entry level vinyl cutter like our V-Series vinyl cutter, there is provided single roller to hung vinyl roll from the center.
And for professional vinyl cutters like our V-Smart and V-Auto vinyl cutters, provided two rollers and we suggest you place the roll on top of the both rollers to minimize the friction and movement when pulling.

Two people are required to load the vinyl roll. The first person positioned at the back of the vinyl cutter is to feed the vinyl through the vinyl cutter under the pinch rollers, The second person must pull the vinyl through and lock the pinch rollers one by one, while the first person holds the roll and makes sure its does not roll liberally.

This will ensure that the vinyl feeds straight and can roll back and forth for long distances without going skew.
We suggest that you remove and store unfinished vinyl rolls that you won't use for more than a day.

To remove vinyl roll from vinyl cutter, lift up the pinch rollers and roll it tight. Then secure it with masking tape. Make sure to store the vinyl roll horizontally in a cool and dry place.

For unfinished vinyl removed from initial wrapping, avoid vertical storage because loose vinyl tends to tighten at the bottom side due to gravity, and this could result in skew loading on reuse.