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#SortIT, Correct Way to Adjust Blade Holder and Vinyl Blade for Different Thickness of Vinyl Media

Model: All Vinyl Cutters
Year Model: All
Topic: How to Adjust Blade for Different Vinyl Media
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Different blade holders have different ways of placing and removing the blade. For example, our V-Series vinyl cutter blade holder accepts the blade from top by simply inserting it. But when removing, you need to remove the cap first. The V-Smart and V-Auto vinyl cutter also accept the blade from top by simply inserting it. But when removing the blade, there is a spring structure which you can push which pops the blade out for replacement.

Adjusting the blade protrusion.
Adjust the protrusion by twisting the nozzle.
But be careful as to how much of the tip protrudes.
There is a lot of misconception out there in the vinyl cutting industry as to the correct length.

The common understanding is to push the entire blade out and use pressure setting on the machine to make sure you only cut through the first layer of the vinyl, and not cut through the entire vinyl. For small vinyl cutters like the Silhouette Cameo this can work, but not for larger size vinyl cutters from am.co.za


In general the PVC sticker layer is under 0.1 millimeter. And if the distance between the cutting bed and the carriage running rail is more than 0.1millimeter then some parts of your job will not benefit from the pressure adjustment. In addition, with vinyl media with a span of more than 1 meter, it is very difficult to keep the distance between the cutting bed and rail under 0.1 millimeters after some time of use, due to gravity offsets.

Therefore the correct way, is to make sure the length of tip out of vinyl cutting blade holder just enough to penetrate the first layer of vinyl, and only then increase pressure to make sure cutting through everywhere on the cutting bed.

To do this:

Allow the tip to protrude just a little.
If it hurts your finger by touching it, generally it is still to long.

Conduct a hand test by using the pressure that your vinyl cutter can give.
For example, V-Series vinyl cutter has 500 gram pressure and V-Smart and V-Auto vinyl cutter has 1000 gram pressure.
Hold the holder and against a vinyl piece and draw a big hash. Now try peeling the center part off. If the cut is too deep, shorten the tip out of blade holder. if too shallow, adjust more and try again.

Now place the holder into the machine and press the test button on your vinyl cutter, adjust pressure and make sure its just enough to cut through the first layer, then move the blade to different positions on the cutting bed and try test again.
Increase pressure accordingly.
Do this at left, at the right and in the middle of the machine to get the maximum cutting pressure over the entire surface.

Your blade is now correctly installed.