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#SortIT, About Vinyl Blade Angle Difference and How to Choose Correct Blade for Your Vinyl Cutting

All vinyl cutters are using vinyl blade to cutting vinyl.

We at AM.CO.ZA sell 3 different angles of blades. They are 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees.
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What is the difference and how to choose the correct blade for your vinyl cutter? Here is a guide.

The 30 degree angle blade has the sharpest tip and is the most effective for a cutting edge for materials of about 2mm in thickness. It easily penetrates the material but requires more force to drag through the material.
The 45 degree blade is most commonly used, with effective cutting edge for material of about 1.5mm thick. And the drag force required is average.
The 60 degree blade is less sharp, and with the least effective cutting edge for about 1mm thick material. But it requires less drag force to drag through the material.

So, if you have a tough material, choose 60 degree blade, for example, the reflecting vinyl. For thick material, like fluffy heat transfer vinyl, choose 30 degree vinyl blade. If you have tough and thick material, then you should not use vinyl cutter.

For average day to day use, you can use the 45 degree blade.

At AM.CO.ZA, we also have 2 choices in 45 degree blades. The standard blade for approximately 1mm thick material, and the EasyTurn 45 degree blade with about 1mm and less cutting thickness. This the the best choice for daily use that more easily penetrates the material and uses less drag force.

Thank you for watching this video, We at AM.CO.ZA stock all kinds of vinyl cutting blades and blade
holders for our own V-Series, V-Smart and V-Auto vinyl cutters. We also have blades for Roland, Mimaki, and Graphtec Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutters.