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#SortIT, How to Move and Place Pinch Rollers on V-Series for Different Size Vinyl

Model: V-Series Vinyl Cutter
Year Model: All
Topic: How to Place Pinch Rollers for Different Size Vinyl
Website: Vinyl-Cutter.co.za/

Slide the Pinch rollers and line them up on top of the high friction grit roller which we marked with a colored sticker. Now press downwards on the pinch roller to lock the vinyl media in place.

Our V-Series Vinyl Cutter features pinch rollers with adjustable pressure that you can adjust by turning the copper nuts located on top. Stretch the spring to increase the pressure and release the spring to lower the pressure. Remember adjust both nuts to balance the pressure.

You need to place one roller on each side of the vinyl media close to the edge and preferably place another one or two in the middle. You can place the vinyl media anywhere within the cutting area. Choose the best place suitable for the vinyl media width and lock the pinch roller from left to right one by one.

To test pressure, hold the vinyl media on left or right edge and pull forward, if it slips forward increase pinch roller pressure.

Now that the pinch rollers are correctly in place, you can start your vinyl cutting work.