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Machining Video: How to Flush and Clean a Printhead Demonstrated on EPSON DX7 Head - Flushing Liquid to Solve Printhead Clogging

In this video it is discussed how to clean the printhead of your machine using a method called flushing to prevent clogging. It is demonstrated on an EPSON DX7 head but the method works on any printhead.
We use a liquid called F-ECO/CLEAN AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR Solvent Ink, and Pigment Ink Cleaning Solution. Which can be found here:
To flush out the various parts of the printhead, all you will need is a syringe, and a small tube attached to the syringe tightly that can also attach to the printhead. When you have all your parts together you can take your syringe with the tube attached and fill the syringe. When that is done you can attach it to one of the holes on the printhead – make sure it is secure. Then inject the liquid into the printhead and you should see some colored water coming out of the other side of the printhead. You repeat this process with all the holes for the colors until there is no more color coming out of the printhead and just clear liquid.
Make sure that the place where you connect the cable is always facing up so you don’t get any liquid in the electronic components.
Afterwards you can wrap it in foil or cling wrap - still keeping the connection side up - to make sure you catch any liquid still inside, to prevent a mess.
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