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Machining Video: Direct Cut from Adobe Illustrator Demonstration using all New AM.CO.ZA Vinyl Cutters as Windows Printer

In this gallery: am.co.za/plotter/101 you will find a series of videos that clarify heavily on this subject.

Our vinyl cutters have a 'cut' command inserted in the 'file' drop down in Adobe Illustrator. Our new vinyl cutters represent an affordable, portable cutting machine packed full of features for the busiest of crafters, coming with fast and accurate digital servo motors with four point dual-axis skew correction.

All the more, our technicians provide full training on how to operate the machine and how to use the software itself.

Now before cutting from Adobe Illustrator with our vinyl cutters, you need to install the USB Drivers first. You will have to choose your USB Driver file based on the year model of your machine:

1). 2013 Model, Driver Filename: PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller.exe
2). 2011, 2012 and 2014, Driver Filename: CH341SerSetup_EN.exe

After successfully installing the driver, do connect the cutting plotter's USB cable to the USB port of the computer. The USB device will be found as COM(X) (no need to change to COM3) from Device Manager. It tells you that the machine is now communicating with the computer, after a successful installation. Next you need to install the V-Series cutter as a PRINTER.

Inside the Utility Disk (CD) you willn find the driver under 'Printer Driver'. When installing the V-Series vinyl cutter as a printer, make certain to choose COM(X): (Serial Port) (the same port of your installed USB driver)

If you use V-Smart 2015 and later model, choose USB00X (X is the maximum number shown).
For more on our V-Series Vinyl Cutters, including information on how to purchase one, kindly visit this site: vinyl-cutter.co.za and get all the details there.

Alternatively do call this number: 072 222 2211, and speak to our friendly seasoned sales team.