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Machining Video: FastCOLOUR Alignment Steps When Thickness Of Printing Media is Changed

Wouldn’t it be great to get consistent, predictable and high quality output from your FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer every time you knocked the print button off? Well, that seldom happens, doesn't it? Especially when media is changed - from PVC Banner to Printable Vinyl, for example.

Because each media you use on the FastCOLOUR printer has unique properties. For example, a 2 mm thick vinyl has a different thickness than a 1.5 mm thick PVC material. Yes.

The distance from the surface of the head to the surface of the media is different as is the way each media feeds through the printer. So it is critical that you recalibrate your printer for each type of media to be used. The two basic calibrations are Feed Calibration and BiDirectional Calibration. Let's stay with the Feed Calibration function for now.

Feed calibration adjusts the distance the media travels through the printer after each print pass and Bidirectional calibration ensures that the print heads are placing dots in the exact same spot in both travel directions of the head carriage.

Simply put, the Feed Calibration adjusts how the FastCOLOUR compensates for the thickness and weight of the media as the media is being fed off the roll. If the Feed Calibration is wrongly set, consistent dark overlapping lines, sometimes white lines, will be seen in the output. Basically we're saying...the results will be consistent throughout the entire print, when the Feed Calibration is set incorrectly. You don't want that, hence this video demonstration.

Should further support be needed or any additional questions arise about the processes in this video, please contact our technical support team. As always, thank you for choosing FastCOLOUR.

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