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Machining Video: FastCOLOUR DX-5 & DX-7 Printheads Ink Colour Order Setup in The Control System by Printer Alignment Tool

We constantly make improvements and development around the high speed, high resolution and stable printing control system in the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer's series at each dawn.

One highlight in our quest is the use of the many kinds of industry printing application like the DX5 and the DX7 print heads. We will break this down into your golden hand - now. The DX-5 and DX-7 print heads technology can show not only the excellent printing quality, but also the durability of the Eco-solvent ink. These print heads have a longer and more durable working life.

The improvement of printing precision makes the ink droplets smaller, and the stability is better as well.

So, after installing the FastCOLOUR print head, you will have to connect the print head itself.

● CONNECTION OF PRINT HEAD: (Attention: be careful when connecting to avoid damaging the print head and data cable). Each print head has 8 line nozzles, each line of nozzle has a specified input of ink and each print head has 2 ports for connecting flat cables. After connecting the cable to print head, use a tape to protect the print head to avoid ink going inside the connection.

Make sure the connection of print head data cable is correct before turning on printer. The blue side of cable 1 and 3 must face the radiating flange. Then print the test bar - the print head is connected well if all lines been are printed.

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For assistance with purchases and more on how the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer works, kindly call our sales engineers on 072 222 2211.