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Machining Video: Advanced Common Line Cutting Function Demonstrated On Fabricam Plasma Cutting Software

IMPORTANT: The reason we implement Common line cutting/nesting in CNC Fabrication is to improve fabricating efficiencies.

Now, this film caption shows how easy it is to do Common line nesting before going on to do the cutting with the Fabricam Metal Sheet and Plasma Cutting Software from am.co.za.

In fact, when it comes to CNC Common line cutting, Fabricam is the one technological innovation that has helped hundreds of shops around Southern Africa to become more efficient, competitive and profitable.

● COMMON LINE NESTING AND CUTTING: Common-line nesting means that you somehow arrange your parts in such a way that neighboring parts have a shared edge whenever possible. This allows the laser to cut along a Common-line (this shared edge) to make a single cut where two may otherwise be needed and move uninterrupted from one part to the next. Pairs of parts may be Common-line nested and be cut using a single pierce point, and that's the whole objective of this video's demonstration.

You see, Common-line nesting for plasma cutting requires experience. Most parts require space for lead-ins and optional lead-outs. The programmer must leave ample space around parts so that the torch can move from one part to another. The amount of space around parts depends on several factors including material type and thickness, the cutting process, and the shape of the parts.

A Common-line cut reduces cut time, scrap, gas, and in the case of waterjet, abrasive consumption. It can also help extend tool life, in some instances - by reducing the number of pierce points.

● THICK METAL COMMON LINE CUTTING: Thick metal is expensive so reducing scrap delivers significant savings. And because thick plate takes longer to cut, reducing the number of cuts can speed cutting time significantly. Over time these savings in material and time can be significant.

Please read more on the Fabricam Sheet Metal Software here: prevision.co.za/sheet-metal-fabrication-cam-software/

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