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Machining Video: FastCOLOUR 2015 Model ECO-Solvent Ink Printer Indication Light Installation

Before picking up you phone engaging our technicians, there's a few things you need to know about successfully installing the indication light of the FastCOLOUR 2015 Model. It's one of the simplest exercises when it comes to working with this machine actually. In short, the indication light needs to be installed properly, hence this video.

The indication light emits 3 Colours: Red, Yellow and Green. These lights give you signals at every inch of printing - the green light will stay green when printer is running normally.

When an error occurs, the alarm lamp will flash orange. It will give you the same communication when the ink is running very low. Or when the tanks are not properly installed. Obviously the red light going on might mean something else totally. The printer itself is very sensitive and might have been working fine before the red light starts blinking, and lo, it won't print! You would possibly have done several rounds of unplugging, nothing happening when you try to print, your computer unable to detect the problem, and the red light keeping blinking, still. It might be something wrong with the ink tanks.

Have you replaced them lately?

1). Perform a hard reset on the printer. Unplug the power cord from the back of the printer. Leave it out for 30 seconds.
2). Examine the ink tanks and pipes for anything odd, ie, blockages.
3). Clean the contacts on all tanks.
4). Plug the units back in. Place one tank in and and see if you get the red light.
5). If not, take it out, and place the other tank in. See if you get RED light or green.
6). If you get red light on either, it may be a bad tank or pipe/s and needs replacing. Do a thorough check and trouble-shooting until the red light goes off.

Make sure that all the 4 screws holding the indication light are well-tightened to avoid the light being lose and possibly falling and breaking, or even totally affecting the connection peripherals inside the printer motherboard. Keep the motherboard pane closed at all times to avoid contact inside.

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