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Machining Video: FastCOLOUR 2015 Model ECO-Solvent Ink Printer Bulk Ink System Installation

Installation of the FastCOLOUR's bulk ink system needs to be done accurately in order to guarantee high quality printing. It will definitely decrease your printing costs. That is the purpose of this video here.

The bulk ink system comes equipped with four colour pigments: C.M.Y.K. of the Eco-Solvent Ink, and eight Ink Feeding Tanks with 220ml Capacity Each. The ink levels can be adjusted for optimized ink pressure and continues smooth flow, which is very important for high quality print.

A bulk ink system is a well that supplies inks continuously from an external refillable reservoir to the printer. This enables you to refill and use all the ink, also allowing your machine to run over night without fear of the printer stopping half way through a job because the tanks have run out of ink.

Now, when it comes to installation, you need to ascertain that all the necessary components are in order.

INK TANKS: Installing thereof can be tricky. Take the tank protection clamp off, tear protection off the seal, and insert tanks according to the tank order. From this customised website: largeformatprinter.co.za you will learn that the Bulk Ink System is included in all our printer packages at no extra cost.

With two levels of ink supply for printing continuity, it is easy to refill and cheap to run.

For assistance with purchases and more on how the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer works, kindly call our sales engineers on 072 222 2211.