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Machining Video: Fabricam HVAC Module Demo and CAM Code Generation

Any seasoned Fabrication specialist wouldn't let this video go un-watched. See, usually seasoned Sheet Metal Fabrication Software Users grow to want more than just a program that can do the basics. It makes sense really. Think about it. The key word here is: UNLIMITED.

● Unlimited capabilities of a program.
● Unlimited creativity.
● Unlimited productivity.
● Unlimited designing with Fabricam Software.

Our research and development division has found what's been missing, and today we introduce the HVAC applications add-on module to the industry. HVAC is an abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. So, proper installation of HVAC is a major aspect of safe and healthy fabrication development. Environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and outside fresh air must be controlled and maintained to provide the building's occupants with a comfortable and safe working environment. Proper regulation of air flow also preserves the physical integrity of facilities.

Now, the HVAC applications add-on module is designed to function on most groups of boiler parts developments made of different subgroups, including Cylinders, Cones, Prisms, Angles, Hoppers, Transformers, Tee Peeces, Intersections, Spirals, Globes and Flat Pieces groups.

To recap, Fabricam is a 2D CAD / CAM system specially designed to automate the programming of sheet metal cutting machines (oxy-cut, plasma, laser, water jet etc). Read more and learn this video to learn more about Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Code Generation: machining.co.za/video/177797807

Please read more on the Fabricam Sheet Metal Fabrication Software here: prevision.co.za/sheet-metal-fabrication-cam-software

For assistance with purchases and more on how Fabricam works, kindly call our sales engineers on 072 222 2211.