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Machining Video: Fabricam Manual Nesting and Machine CAM Code Generation

This video will help you to immediately understand the simple aspects of CAM Code Generation when using the Fabricam system. Basically, this 2D CAD / CAM software called Fabricam from am.co.za helps you to automate the programming of sheet metal cutting machines in a few clicks. This new addition is a Windows only 2D application.

All you do is layout your design and then immediately generate CNC code. The goal is a design application closer to Adobe Illustrator than to AutoCAD. You specify machining aspects during object creation so that when the design/layout process is completed, the toolpath generation can occur automatically. During the process, you can add or delete parts manually.

Another advantage of Fabricam's Code Generator system is that you will find it easy to open and edit. You generally build and maintain your own set of Code Generators for your suitable needs and different machines. With other systems any specific needs to your site are things you usually need to edit into the finished G-Code file, but with Fabricam all this is completely accessible to you.

Differences exist between a code written manually and a computer-generated code. When you program or write code, you try to reduce the amount of writing as much as possible. Less code reduces the amount of writing and also reduces the chances of programming errors. Computer-generated code is mere automation (nothing manual about it). Computer-generated code files will possibly be much longer than manually written files of the same size, but they do not result in additional programming work or create any differences in actual machine tool motion. Computer-generated code is consistent, and chances of the computer making a typographical error are very limited.

Code Generation, either manual or automation, may sound complicated, but it's actually very simple and practical. In fact, Advanced Machinery's technical team is always willing to go an extra mile in helping you understand these dynamics much better. Any day. It's embedded in our system. It all takes a call through to our support team on this line: 060 600 6000.

Find more about the Fabricam Sheet Metal CAM Software here: prevision.co.za/sheet-metal-fabrication-cam-software/

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