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Machining Video: CO2 Laser Beam Alignment Demonstration

This video is a thorough demonstration on how to align a CO2 Laser Beam and get the best out of the AM.CO.ZA Laser Cutting Machine. The CO2 laser technology is good for cutting, marking and engraving on various on non-metal materials. Our cabinet style of laser cutting machine is perfect for sign-making, shopfitting, trophy making and corporate gifts making.

Important: We highly suggest that you take out all the mirrors and lenses before aligning the laser beam and clean the mirrors and lenses. After cleaning, put the mirrors and lenses back. Get some thin Perspex, double sided tape and a masking tape.

On one side of the Perspex stick the double sided tape as you will use this side to stick on the mirror holder and on the other side stick the masking tape. Then simply follow the following easy steps to get your CO2 fully aligned:

a) Stick the Perspex on the first mirror directly from the laser and press the laser button to make sure that the laser beam is shooting near the middle of the first mirror.
b) Next, stick the Perspex to the second mirror.
c) Use the machine keypad to move the second mirror mount on the Y-Axis closer to the first one from the laser and shoot the laser to draw a dot.
d) Move a further distance from the first mirror and shoot the laser to draw another dot.
e) If the two dots are not shooting exactly on the same spot, please use the brass screws to fine tune the first mirror. If the brass screws are not moving, release the silver locking screws for tension and unlock the locks on the brass screws.
f) Repeat this until the dots are shooting at the same place. Make sure you regularly change the masking tape to increase accuracy. Repeat this process until the laser beam is shooting in the same spot.
g) Next, stick the Perspex to the third mirror.
h) Then move the laser head on the X-Axis closer to the second mirror and shoot a dot.
i) Move away from the second mirror and shoot a second dot. If the two dots are not shooting exactly on the same spot, please fine tune the screws on the second mirror mount.
j) After aligning the final mirror, move the Axis to any point and see if it is shooting in the same spot, meaning the laser beam is well aligned on the whole table.
g). Stick the masking tape on the nozzle of the laser head and shoot a dot. If the dot is in the centre, then your job is done. Your laser beam is well aligned. If not, please fine tune the screws on the third mirror until it's able to shoot in the centre.

To get more information about our CO2 Laser Tubes, kindly visit the following site: am.co.za/laser/thickness and salesprice.co.za/CO2-Laser for pricing packages on our CO2 laser machines.

For a full catalogue on all our machines, you may have to visit our website at am.co.za or please call our office on 060 600 6000 and speak to our dedicated sales engineers for a detailed explanation.