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Setup AM.CO.ZA Vinyl Cutter's Driver

The above named video consists of a detailed step by step demonstration of how to manually setup Advanced Machinery’s Vinyl Cutting Machine driver of both the V-Smart and V-Series Vinyl Cutting Machines. The video is presented by Timea Van Schoor, whom is a current AM.CO.ZA employee. Within the demonstration you will be advised with the necessary steps to follow from locating your utility disc on your computer, to the complete installation of the driver.

The video also assists you with what to do with the different drivers being used such as Mac and windows. The video also assists you with necessary information needed in which case a V-Series driver is being installed such as when the computer picks up CH340 driver as well as the Prolific driver along with the explanation of the installation process of these two different drivers and explains why installing both of the above named drivers would be a better option.

For further enquiries regarding our CNC Machinery please feel free to contact us on 060 600 6000 or visit our website at am.co.za

You can also refer to amused.co.za/#V-Smart-Vinyl-Cutter for more information regarding our CNC Vinyl Cutting Machines.